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- Timo Haenseler, CEO at Redforest
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What if you got insights into the brains of the world's top entrepreneurs and understand how they became successful?
Each week, Thomas Reck interviews one of the world's top entrepreneurs to better understand their story and how they got to where they are today.

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The Top 3 Episodes of the show

Tim Draper

Founder, Draper Associates

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder, Sky Bridge Capital

Grant Cardone

CEO, Cardone Capital

Billionaire investor and one of the most influential people in Silicon Valley

Tim Draper is renowned as one of the most successful venture capitalists in the world, and one of the most powerful and influential people in Silicon Valley. He is the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper University, Draper Venture Network, and Draper Associates.

Some of his most prominent investments include Twitter, Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, and HotMail.

Tim told us how he actually became a billionaire investor in Silicon Valley how you actually got to where you is today.

Ex-Director of Communications of the White House and Founder of SkyBridgeCapital, managing over $11 billion in assets

“You need to build Non-linear positives relationships” “Don’t look for Quid-Pro-Quos” This is the advice of my guest today, Anthony Scaramucci, he is the founder of Sky Bridge Capital, and he served as Director of Communications for the White House under President Donald Trump. 

In this episode, Anthony and I discuss how he achieved his success and how being able to develop a really tough skin has helped him deal with the negativity that comes with being in the public eye especially when you immerse yourself in the political game.

CEO of Cardone Capital which has over $1.8 Billion in assets under management

Grant Cardone has written 8 books and 13 bestselling business programs. 

In this episode, we discover a lot about Grant and his journey on how he turned his life around by applying the same mindset of an addict into entrepreneurship and success.

Grant says that an addict will do whatever it takes and give zero excuses to get what they want, and we must take a similar approach of zero excuses and doing what it takes to achieve our goals.

A Network of Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs

Grant Cardone

CEO, Cardone Capital

Andreas Schierenbeck

CEO, Uniper SE

Tom Bilyeu

Co-Founder, Quest Nutrition & CEO, Impact Theory

Dr. Jens Wohltorf

Co-Founder & CEO, Blacklane

Tim Draper

Founder, Draper Associates

Anthony Scaramucci

Founder, Sky Bridge Capital

Richard Browning

Founder & Chief Test Pilot at Gravity Industries

Mate Rimac

Founder, Rimac Automobili

James Wu

CEO, DeepMap, Inc.

Erik Gartenholm

Founder & CEO, CELLINK

Chris Barton

Founder, Shazam

Silvina Moschini

Founder & CEO, SheWorks!

Whitney Johnson

Founder, WLJ Advisors

Dennis Mortensen

Founder & CEO,

Michael Perschke

CEO, Automobili Pininfarina

Kison Patel

Founder & CEO, DealRoom

Raj Darji

Founder & Executive Aarav Solutions

Gina Bianchini

CEO & Co-Founder Mighty Network

Frederik Fahning

Founder & MD of Zenjob

Sumant Sinha

Chairman and Managing Director at ReNew Power 

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